4WD festival

We visited the yearly 4WD festival in Oss where you may also drive on the dirt track circuit with your off road vehicle :-) Normally this means a Landcruiser, Jeep, Toyota or other 4x4. During the registration at the gate we were asked if we where "part of the Dakkar demonstration team ?" :-)

For me it was the first time to really push the truck into it's offroad capabilities. There was no need to deflate the tires or make use of the diff locks. Speed and momentum where sufficient to make some nice rounds over the circuit.

I found some footage on YT where we climb the middle section to the second portion of the track.

After a great afternoon playing in the sand the truck first had to be cleaned in order to be road legal again for the journey back home. A short stop at the carwash station and a nice coffee prepared us for just that.