APK 2020 and some shocking improvements !

February always marks the time of the year that we need to pass by the truck shop for our APK (Algemene Periodieke Keuring). This year was passed without any remarks or comments !

While I was abroad in the USA for work, and the truck was in still the workshop. I asked Remeijsen Truck Service to install the prepared adjustable KONI 90-2496 heavy truck series shock absorber on the front axle. And also change out the old cabin shocks for the more heavy duty SACHS 106 417 ones.

I managed to obtain both damper sets with a huge discount, plus extra coupon code from a previous order. Price may vary on a almost day-to-day each week. Just make sure you set an alarm or check regularly.

-Setting the KONI's must be done with care !

The visual instructions that come with each box are are clear, but might be somewhat limited when not fully understood. To adjust the rebound you need to compress the schock fully while clamped in a vise.

Turn it clockwise to make it behave stiffer.
Turning it fully clockwise sets the dampening action to 100%.

Turning it counter clockwise softens the damper action.
But take care now, beyond 4 to 4,5 half turns you should feel a light stop. Continue to turn it with even light force beyond this point, unscrews and releases the bottom valve. Thereby damaging the shock beyond repair according to KONI Netherlands.

Remove the shock absorber from the vehicle and hold it vertically with the lower eye or pin attached in a vise. Use clamp plates to prevent damage.

Fully collapse the shock absorber, at the same time turning the dust cap or piston rod slowly to the left (counterclockwise), until it is felt that the cams of the adjustment nut engage in the recesses of the foot valve assembly.

Some shock absorbers include a bump rubber concealed under the dust cover and it must be removed prior to adjusting.

The damper may have already been adjusted. Therefore check whether the shock absorber is in the adjustment position or not by keeping it collapsed and gently turning it further to the left counting at the same time the half turns until a stop is felt. Stop turning then and do not use force.

Keeping the shock absorber collapsed, make 1 half turn (180 degrees) to the right (clockwise). In case of prior adjustment add the number of half the turns previously found. The total range is about 5 half turns.

Pull the shock absorber out vertically without turning for at least 1 cm to disengage the adjusting mechanism. The dust cap or piston rod may now be turned freely.

Rebound Adjustment Direction:
Clockwise: Firmer
Counter Clockwise: Softer