Container concept

The principle of using a rigid frame has been implemented by the military for over 50 years. These military shelters with steel or aluminum frames are used around the globe under the most demanding conditions. The robust construction offers maximum protection in the unlikely event of either an accident or of the truck tipping over. Countless hours collecting ideas while looking at others for examples. Again refining concepts and ideas by shifting and rearranging lay-out options to convert the ex military shelter into a functional habitation box.

Every single part and position has been virtually evaluated in 3D, taking weight, balance, energy and functional optimisation into account. The centre of gravity has been placed in the most optimal position: the middle of the body. By doing so, we have created the right circumstances for our ultimate freedom of independence while travelling. With this versatile well-thought out design in 3D now offers us a warm luxurious yet functional and durable inviting space. The laminated birch interior comes with ease off cleaning so we can comfortably spend our day's travelling and living outdoors.

The floorplan comprises of a fixed double bed measuring 1400 x 2000mm. U-shaped middle seating area can be converted to an additional bed of 900 x 2000mm, enabling a third person to sleep comfortably. This extends the total sleeping capacity of this particular model to three persons.

The garage is located underneath the fixed bed in the front. This large storage area can be accessed from the outside on both sides thanks to the big Outbound hatches that hinge upwards. As well as from inside via the spring loaded hinge mechanism on the bedframe. This clean and protected storage area is large enough to store our foldable bikes, outdoor gear, tools and much more.

It houses a large water tank, the filtration and purification as well as the pressurised plumbing infrastructure. It also provides easy acces for maintenance and service to a good portion of our Victron electrical infrastructure. Such as the Multiplus charger/converter, MPPT solar regulator and ORION controllers. Grey water is collected in a manual canister under the kitchen sink. For now this has proven to be sufficient for our needs when not being able to let water run out freely.

The kitchen is located directly near the entrance back door and right next to the seating area. The kitchen is outfitted with running hot and cold water, a large sink and spacious counter top. There is plenty of storage capacity including a multi-functional half size Eurobox rack. The flexible position of induction hob and coffee maker ensure that the kitchen meets all our cooking requirements indoors. When it comes to storing provisions, a high-quality insulated 45 liter cooler box is integrated into the couch. Till date it provides us sufficient space to store provisions for three people for a reasonable period of time. The cooler box is also capable of freezing. Once we install a 110 liter marine grade refrigerator. We will convert to the freezing function in order to maintain frozen provisions with efficient power consumption, thus extending our level of indipendence even further.

The powerful AGM Telecom batteries are positioned in the middel under the seating area. This positioning is part of the total design strategy that results in an optimal weight distribution and balance with the watertank and other components. In the living unit itself there is lots of easy accessible storage space under the benches and drawers and cabinets for all our gear, clothing, tools, supplies and other items. This gives the unit a very spacious feeling.

Additional information (in German)

Die Kabinen FM 2 gibt es von verschiedenen Herstellern, je nach Beschaffungsjahr und Baulos stammen diese von den Firmen SGH, Dornier oder Zeppelin. Die ersten beiden Baulose stammen von SGH und Dornier. Diese Kabinen sind aus einer Aluminium Leichtbauweise konstruiert. Auf den Grundrahmen sind die Bleche aufgenietet und verschweißt. Der Zwischenraum ist mit Isoliermaterial ausgefüllt. Der Bodenbereich ist nicht isoliert.

Bei den Dornier-Kabinen wird die Heizungsluft in die Seitenwände geblasen, durch die perforierte Innenwand tritt diese dann in der gesamten Kabine wieder aus.
Die Zeppelin Kabinen sind auch aus Leichtmetall konstruiert, die Wände, der Boden und die Decke sind jedoch in Sandwichbauweise hergestellt.

Die Sandwichbauteile sind aus geschweißten Aluminiumprofilen, Isolier-Hartschaumplatten und Aluminiumblechen in Klebetechnik zusammengeführt. Daraus ergibt sich eine verbesserte Isolierwirkung gegenüber den Kabinen von SGH und Dornier.

Ein weiterer Unterschied ist die Ausführung FMA – diese Kabinen sind nicht vor elektromagnetischen Felder von Außen geschützt. Die Variante FMB ist speziell abgeschirmt und sollte die darin installierte Funktechnik schützen. Für den jetzigen privaten Gebrauch spielen diese Unterschiede sicher keine Rolle mehr.
Die FMB -geschütze Variante von Kabinen haben kein Fenster in der Tür, sondern einen geschlossene Notausstiegsluke. Ansonsten gibt es für alle FM2 Kabinen unzählige Einbauausstattungen, die alle Bereiche der militärischen Nutzung abgedeckt hat.