Electrical update

As additional items like the hot water boiler were installed this sumer. I needed to expand or finalize the means of automatic or remote switching. Therefore the central power distribution rack required an update. Which, due to the mounting grid utility power distribution rack is pretty straight forward. As that allows me to easily rearrange mounted and ad additional components without screwing or drilling in any of the interior components.

  • The Jabsco water pump and Elgena 24V hot water boiler are now switched with a standard 24V automotive relay after being fused appropriately.
  • A large common ground busbar connects to the BMV and distributes all (-) returns to the battery bank.
  • Additional cable routing for switching or alarm functions are guided to the control pannel.

Preparations for installation of a future Orion DC-DC stabilised charger distributing a constant voltage to critical items like the LED lamps and other delicate electronics in the unit.