Smart, Simple, Reliable !

Smart Features

I like to design and build smart through and through. With smart I do not mean that one has merely equipped the unit with the latest technology, I also mean smart in a more low-tech manner. Smart is safe. A strong, rigid, and solid shelter has to protect not only you, but also itself (and the truck) against the elements during off road adventures. Such an aluminium container frame is the first step in creating the ultimate offroad habitat.

Energy independent

Quiet and clean solar energy is the cornerstone of the electrical technical layout. This ensures safe, sustainable and quiet operation based on solar energy. As a reliable back-up, the truck’s alternator can be used to charge the batteries. Combined with the energy storage capacity of the Telecom batteries, the need for a heavy duty generator is a relic of the past.

In addition to the strong and reliable energy generation and storage concepts, it was essential to engineer in and equip the shelter unit with components which contribute to being as energy efficient as possible. Temperature sensitive areas, such as the battery and inverter compartments or the compartments of the freezer and fridge, have their own temperature sensors. These temperature sensors are part of the autonomous self regulation system. The sensors provide temperature feedback to ventilators which are automatically activated when surpassing a pre-defined threshold. This controlled operation ensures the safe and energy efficient operation of temperature sensitive equipment.

-It goes without saying that all lights are LED's and therefore low in energy consumption. 

Another example of this is time- or condition based operation such as the time scheduled operation of the hot-water boiler, where the 24V DC supply is automatically (de)activated based on the battery charge state, preventing excessive idle consumption. In order to minimise power consumption and prolong the lifespan of all lighting, all lights in the unit are equipped with energy efficient LED lighting.


In addition, much attention is paid to simple regular maintenance thus safeguarding the easy accessibility of the essential components within the water system. Such features include the compact and powerful Ozonator water treatment. This offers us a virtual water capacity of thousands of litres of high quality potable water. All water tanks are placed inside the vehicle and are therefore protected from the outside environment and possible threads thereof.

There is a pressure regulator installed on the water inlet which prevents overpressure on the water system when filling the freshwater tank or being connected directly to a direct water tap when we are parked and connected to such.

Hot water is provided by an 24V electric boiler enabling the 6 litre boiler to heat the water to >70°C. It has a robust polypropylene casing and an overpressure safety valve. It features polyurethane insulation to keep the water hot for hours. The mixing valve on the tap point makes for 3-4 times the hot water capacity of warm water when mixed down to 35-40°C. Taking a hot shower can be done outside using our Rinse Kit, a portable shower which we carry in the unit.

-Almost setting the habitat on fire during our first trip in France, was more than enough to raise my heartbeat


As standard equipment, a fire alarm, two fire extinguishesr, a fire blanket and First Aid Kit are included. The windows are double-glazed with tempered safety glass. The entrance door is equipped with a three point locking system.

Also an important aspect of “safety first” is the elimination of gas bottles inside the unit. Indoor cooking is done on a need basis using induction. The dependence on potentially dangerous gas is therefore eliminated and there are no open flames inside.