Connecting in modern times


As Internet reception becomes more prevalent and commonly available, and when traveling with a teenager, having a stable internet connection next to staying overnight at some cool places is very, very important !

During our 2019 trip I operated my small Xiaomi WiFi repeater that I normally use when flying the Parrot Bebop 2 Drone to boost and stabilise the range signal. Running it in bridged mode enabled me to create our private network around the car. By relaying a free or occasional paid internet connection that we encounter while traveling with all of our connected devices: Phone(s), iPad(s), laptop, navigation, etc...

-Back home I dived into the connectivity puzzle

As boat owners often make use of the harbour Wifi connection when docked or off harbour 3G/4G LTE for online connections. Via a local water sports communications specialist, I was introduced to the Teltonika product range. Specifically the professional RUT240 4G LTE Router seemed to fit my whishlist.

  • It operates on multivoltage
  • Has 3G and 4G as well as WiFi and UTP connections
  • 2 ethernet Ports (programable as 2x LAN of 1x LAN1x WAN)
  • Can be configured as a private gateway / repeater, creating my own network around the truck.
  • Automatic switching to available Backup connection
  • Programable load balance function using the SIM in case of a weak incoming WiFi signal.
  • Simtray on the outside for easy access to change the SIM card
  • Clear LED indication on reception status
  • Powerconector with locking latch, providing safeguarding to unintended disconnect
  • Wifi antenna, 3G and 4G antenna with SMA connectors. So easy upgradable when I find a practical need with a higher gain (dBi) antenna or a MiMo solution on the outside

Check out the product page here: https://teltonika-networks.com/product/rut240/

To make the Ethernet port available on the iPad for direct communication with the router, I purchased a UTP to lightning adapter*. Allowing me to make a wired connection between both devices. When buy a new device like the iPad Air you need a USB-C to Ethernet adapter to connect your device to the LAN port.

This works extremely well to do al kinds of Administrative tasks like selecting a new host network to connect our relayed SSID around the truck. Check upon the SIM cellular status or change the WiFi to cellular ratio when experiencing slow host networks. Doing so provides always a stable internet connection, no matter where we are.

* you can find them officially and expensively in the Apple store or cheaper elsewhere online

The Teltonika WiFi app for iOS will enable rapid WAN selection and failover configuration for the router. This allows for conservation of your precious mobile data bundle when public AP’s are available on location.