Project 12M18
Ex OBH Army Truck to Travel & Expedition Truck


After listing the the needs and wishes for independent travelling, these where incorporated into the container concept. The Project is designed with not absolute unique features that makes it truly different from other expedition vehicles on the market. But it it reflects our needs and necessities, and therefore is unique. And as more trips are made things are learned on the various trips. Long and short ones. Technologies are adapted or adopted to better suite the use.
For enquiries or questions please feel free to reach out. I look forward to hear from you !

Project postings

Tank-O3 - in action

After the the tank-O3 installation prior to our Scandinavian tour for 2019. The tank was filled and the system activated over our 24V DC setup in the ...

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Offroad Poland

Late 2018 we were at the DIMA 4x4 fair in Belgium, just to kill some time and see if we could steal some cool ideas for our rig... There we bumped ...

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Steering bar problems !

During our visit to the Fernwehtreffen in Weeze, which is held in the beautiful park of Schloss Hertefeld. We suffered from a big mechanical ...

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Diesel alternative GtL

Having read about dreadful horror stories with dieselpest on fellow overpanders, and especially in the Steyr scene. I got into a discussion with a ...

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Seat modification

The 30+ year original ISRI 6500 seats showed some marks. And after two years in use on our trips now we needed something more comfertable. Having ...

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Passing the APK

During the yearly APK we finally dicovered where the small brake fluid leakage found it's origin. The right rear brake caliper hydraulic lined a very ...

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Electrical upgrade

When I received an offer for two brand new 300Wp 24V Monochrystaline solarpannels with a corresponding 100/30 MPPT BlueSolar controller. Thus ...

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During the winter period we do not drive, as the truck is not allowed on the road in the December-February timeframe. Due to it's registration as a ...

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