Le premier voyage

Beginning of July 2017 we packed up or stuff into a rudimentary build interior of the shelter. I hooked up the just arrived battery and inverter/charger. We filled up the old camping cooler of my father in law with cold drinks and Dutch cheese. Added an IKEA kitchenette to which with a cooker and sink mounted where.

We where ready to roll down south ! Via Tilburg, Eindhoven, Maastricht. straight into the Belgium Ardennes, Luxembourg and finally France.

During one of my inspection routines I stumbled upon a open thread connection near the clutch area. Earlier that day we did notice a small oil spill under the truck after a short stop. After some documentation research I learned it had to be the greas cup holder of the de-coupling unit. After a quick cleanup and fix of the new hole. We made the decision that evening, also influenced by the deteriorating weather conditions. To find a better fix then the temporarily coca-cola cap and zip-lock / ty-rap solution.
And for that our best chances would be an official MAN bus & truck dealership some 205km up North. So up to MAN Metz, in Woipp we went the next day.

Together with workshop manager Philippe and his lead mechanic I even managed to fix a small air loss in the auxiliary circuit that was surfacing since a few days. We had coffee and tea before continuing our journey and saying goodbey to our new friends in Metz.