Passing the APK

During the yearly APK we finally dicovered where the small brake fluid leakage found it's origin. The right rear brake caliper hydraulic lined a very small crack, and it was leaking a tim bit. Resulting in a APK shortcoming, which had to be fixed.

When my initial channel the MAN tuck dealership in Tilburg came back with a NO go using the Steyr ELDOS part number. I used the alternative route of Indutec in Austria. That would set me back over 125 EUR ex. VAT, ex transport... So time to some investigate alternatives. How difficult can it be to get a pair of remleidingnippels on a piece of steel pipe ?

-Apperantly ´╗┐breakline nippels come in two types I have learned this past week: so called type E and type F.

The Steyr has the type F variant in M12x1.00mm. However nowadays you will mainly find the type E variant in all shops and garages. So it took me over a good week criss-cross the province at almost all truck dealerships, agriculture shops etc to find the right replacement part.

AVT in Roosendaal finally was able to provide me with the right replacement part. But even there it took some time with the friendly workshop team to get the right configuration flanged together.