Refurbishing the bumper

With the COVID-19 smart lockdown in full swing here in the Netherlands, there is plenty of time and opportunity to deal with the aesthetically pleasing jobs on the truck.

As I already knew when I bought the truck, the previous owner made some dents and bends. I did some mild treatment two years ago to correct the worst bends and touched up the worst spots.

With help of my uncle, who was a car body metal worker for decades, I was introduced to the novel art of getting dents and bends out of steel. After bending the big dents out, he let the final straightening with the small hammer to me in the scourging sun.

Not only the bumper but also the which guide needs attention. When the truck had a underbody repaint some years ago. Not everything was dismantled prior to the overspray. So next to the original army paint, also overspray of the repaint was all over the ' fuhrungs rollen' of the which. Alles is taken apart, degreased, brushed and cleaned and new grease gun nippels installed.

Bumper, guideblock, underbody protection and foldable stair is send to the sand blaster. All part will be primed and coated after alle rust is removed. The small parts where carefully sanded and polished by hand before given a new coat as well.

The parts came back after sandblasting, priming and painting. Looking almost as new ! I added some anti-slip tape, you can find it at your local Hornbach or equivalent, to have some grip when the bumper is / or becomes wet when cleaning the front windshield.