The shelter unit in use

Now that we are on the road for 3 years. And the current lay-out of the interior is ready and in use for two years, we can bow on some practical experience.

-What do we like, what needs to change...

We like the stationary high bed and under storage garage. No hassle making your bed when one of us does want to go to sleep. The underneath storage compartment is big, easy accessible from 3 sides. And practically holds everything we do not need inside directly. But could still be accessed thanks to the bed hinges which allow to til the double bed up from the inside.

The U-shaped seating area is large and relaxing when we are confined to the inside on a occasional rainy day. Especially when we drop the table, and make some sort op lounge area of the 3rd sleeping place. We read... we play games... we chill. Quite comfortable !

We like the Eurobox system in the back. Both breakfast and dinner have their own box and content. As we mostly do our stuff outside, in one haul we have every thing transferred from the inside to outside. As the storage cabinets are not even half filled so we still have a surplus of storage space till date on our trips.

The one thing that we have 'problems' with is the large shelter door in the back, and the floor plan that comes with that. It basically dictates that there is only one central alley, in which you always meet each other with all things that you do. Next to that with the door open, everybody and I mean everybody is peeking directly and completely inside our 'well organised life on the road...'

  • With a door in the back on the side we limit the direct view inside. And would need less parking space as well. As now we need to account for over 1meter clearance when we park to open the door and use the stairs. In the new layout the stairs will move from the back to the side.
  • By rearranging the large (oversized) cabinets in the back to multiple smaller cabinets throughout the complete unit we create a more open space.
  • The far back area can get a double function. With a simple curtain it can be transformed into a night toilet, and most importantly will not be in the way to enter or leave the unit.
  • Such floorpan will provide separate access to the different functions simultaneously without meeting each other during your movement in the shelter.
  • We can create a generous shoe storage, as I have learned that 3 people carry a lot of shoes.
  • All electronics will centralize in a sort of cabinet on the right. Which can double as our iDevice loading dock (3 telephones, 1 reader, 2 Pads) and small item storage.
  • The left side will centralize more of the Water and HVAC items. Nice and clear separation of function and weight.

The only downside that I found is that there already is a window on the right side. Which, when it is completely open, would limit the possibility to fully open the door over 180 degrees against the shelter wall.