Water capacity and infrastructure

Water infrastructure

Adequate and reliable water supply

In order to ensure the quality of the water supply, it passes the integrated filtration systems when water flows into the system. While filling the fresh water tank over the filling station, it passes through a s combined fine carbon & micro filter before being stored in the main freshwater tank. Water comming from the tank is filtered before use again, as it passes the fine active carbon and micro filter a second time for filtration. After it has been stored and treated with Ozone radicals. This storage treatment has ensured the water is clean, bacteria free and safe to drink without the addition of bad tasting chemicals or metals like silver ions.

To ensure quick and reliable draining, it is always possible for the main water tank which is equipped with a drain outlet on the lowest side. To be operated by a manual ball valve from the inside. In addition, attention is paid for simple regular maintenance tasks by the easy access of the essential components within the water system, such as to filter, pump and Ozone unit.

A 22 liter water canister can now also connect to the plumbing infrastructur. It can be used as water inventory if we only set off for a short(er) weekend or trip. Having to fill up the big water tank on board is not always convenient. The additional possibility creates an easy means of collecting water practically at any faucet location. And balances the water inventory to the actual use case for these shorter trips. A small triple valve system makes for the selection to operate either the main 110 liter tank or the smaller canister when connected. Self closing Gardena couplings should make it a 'spill free' operation when docking and undocking the canister.

Filling the main fresh water tank is made easy and safe, by using the same Gardena spill free connections. The installed auto stop water valve provides a means of analogue feedback to the fresh water filling connection. So that it mechanically closes automatically when the tank is full to prevent overfilling.

Throughout the water system, high quality JohnGuest Speed Fit piping for cold freshwater using secured connections. Or stainless steel outer armour hoses are used for all hot connections. Flexible tubing is used to enable easy installation and service, using fewer parts and is much more pressure and vibration-resistant over rigid copper or plastic piping. In those locations where needed this is important due to the vibrations from the truck to the unit, especially when going offroad.