During the winter period we do not drive, as the truck is not allowed on the road in the December-February timeframe. Due to it's registration as a semi-oldtimer (overgangsregeling RDW it is called) . That of course does not mean that we are completely without work on the truck or the unit.

Preparing the truck for the APK (TÜV / MOT equivalent) in February involves finding replacement parts for both sides of the wheel arc turning indicator lights. As well as the parking lights and turning indicators in the front bumper. We will finally install the USB/FM/DAB+ 24V audio system in the middle roof console. Have the motor tunnel console installed. And finish up with brand new LED lighting in the instrument panel and interior lights of the cabin.

The 24V underfloor heating has arrived ! It is based on Carbon-Nano-Tubes (CNT) technology and is claimed to be 40% more efficient then conventional electrical systems. We will tested it offline first, and equip it with an appropriate on/of switch and thermostat.
An Elgena Nautic-Compact 6 liter will be ordered, so this can be pre-plumbed and tested to find it's place in the living unit beginning 2019. We are still looking for a good compressor fridge unit to find it's place in the reserved cabinet space.