Electrical upgrade and finalization

Electrical upgrade and finalization

When I received an offer for two brand new 300Wp 24V Monochrystaline solarpannels with a corresponding 100/20 MPPT BlueSolar controller. I decided that this year we would also upgrade our autonomy with the installation of this addition to the electrical lay-out of the truck.

With the purchase of the solar system it was also time to wrap my head around the final design and installation of the electrical components. From a working solution, to a finalised, serviceable and extendable setup. Maximising the utilisation of the under seating group.

Directly in sight for service or trouble shooting when needed during operation.

The batteries will be firmly located in place using a combination of sturdy M8 threads and Flamco railings. Securely bolted to the military floor rails which runs in the bottom of the shelter. Mounted on top with industry standard FIBOX mounting platforms the various electrical components like thermal fuses, the shunt, battery balancer and main switch wil take its place.

For future expansion of the battery capacity the whole lay-out can later be mirrored