When traveling with a teenager, having internet next to staying overnight at some cool places is very, very important !

During our 2019 trip operated my small Xiaomi WiFi repeater that I normally use when flying the Parrot Bebop 2 Drone to boost and stabilise the range signal. Running it in bridged mode to create our private network around the car. Thus relaying a free or occasional paid internet connections that we encounter while traveling with all of our connected devices: Phone(s), iPad(s), laptop, navigation, etc...

-Back home I dived into the connectivity puzzle

As boat owners often make use of the harbour Wifi connection when docked or off harbour 3G/4G LTE for online connections. I bumped into the TELTONIKA RUT240 4G LTE ROUTER. It operates on multivoltage, has 3 and 4G as well as WiFi. Can be configured as a private gateway / repeater. Thus fully complying with our needs. For starters it will operate with the standard antennas, but I might create an external antenna from a spare telescopic pole that is not used anymore.


  • 2 ethernet Ports (programable as 2x LAN of 1x LAN1x WAN)
  • Simtray onthe outside
  • Clear LED indication on reception
  • Powerconector with locking latch, providing unintended disconnect
  • Wifi antenna, 3G and 4G antenna