The living unit

The living unit

The unit is equipped with a fixed full size double bed, a U-shaped couch / lounge seating (convertible a single+ bed), a fully equipped kitchen with counter top. Large storage space under the bed, reachable via lockable Outbound hatches on both sides of the vehicle. As well as from inside via the spring loaded hinge mechanism on the bedframe.

In the living unit there is lots of easy accesible storage space under the benches and cabinets for all our travel gear, clothing, tools, supplies and other items.

The partial double in the storage area holds the 3x 105 liter fresh water tanks, which can be connected manually to expand capacity when needed. Or kept at a moderate 100 liters when going away for a short trip.

The battery bank is made up of a 2x12V (24V) bank of Victron communication 220Ah AGM bateries.220V AC is made using a Victron MultiPlus, which also serves a a battery charger. Currently the start- and domestic battery are connected during drive over a Cytrix 120 battery intelligent relais (once the start battery has reached sufficient voltage). In case of emergency starter- and domestic battery can be put parallel to jump start the truck. Or vice versa, when connected to land power, the Cytrix will also charge the starter battery.

Grey water is collected in a manual 20 liter canister in the cabin under the kitchen sink. For now this has proven to be sufficient for our needs.