The truck

The truck

The Steyr 12M18 is an off-road truck and approx. 4,000 were built by Steyr Daimler Puch, between 1986 – 1993 and is mainly used by the Austrian Army. In addition to the vehicles for the transport of the crew, there are still vehicles which are equipped with a loading wall for material transport. It is also used by the armies of Greece (as Steyr 14M14), Thailand and the USA (as FMTV – which just has the STEYR design but totally different engine and technology). In 1993 the truck-making division of Steyr was completely taken over by MAN.

The model designation 12M18 can be broken down as follows:

  • 12 = gross vehicle weight (12 tons)
  • M = Military
  • 18 = engine horsepower (177 hp)

One key design item, the spacious cab, which gives the truck a timeless modern look, was designed by French industrial designer Louis Lucien Lepoix, who had previously designed truck cabs for manufacturers such as Henschel, Magirus-Deutz and Büssing.

Engine: liquid-cooled six cylinder, 4-stroke diesel engine with direct injection and turbo-charging
Engine power: 130 kW (177 hp)
Drive: Permanent 4x4, center, rear and front locking differentials
Design speed: 100 km / h
Range: ~700 km
Maximum load: 5150 kg
Total weight: 11500 kg
Facilities: Winch