Offroad Poland

Late 2018 we were at the DIMA 4x4 fair in Belgium, just to kill some time and see if we could steal some cool ideas for our rig... There we bumped into Steven van Lier of SVL Support, who organises 4x4 trainings in Poland under Offroadpoland.com

After exchanging some details we kept in contact about a 4x4 meet-up for trucks early man 2019 on their 1700ha domain in Kragle North West Poland. So off we went and in two day's we arrived at the campsite to meet with a nice group of fellow 4x4 (truck) enthusiasts.

Breakfast, lunch and diner where arranged for, so we could fully focus on the 4x4 driving. Each day, or even hour we got more confident in the possibilities of our Steyr. Next to driving and navigating there where also some opportunities on the domain to visit some former old communist state-farms.