Some random pictures on the progress of the Truck cabin and BOX.

The dashboard panels where removed, repaired where needed and covered with a matt black paint finish. Removing the old 80's brown interior colour scheme. Underneath a spaghetti of 24V wiring was smoothened, labeled & colour coded for future trouble shooting.

Both interior and exterior of the BOX unit are now covered in their final RAL coating, resp. RAL 2010 / RAL 2001. The cab exterior was toned down in its orange colour by painting some of the accessories in a matt black.

3x 103 l water tank capacity was fitted to prepare the under garage flooring to get the exact hight for the hatches which will be installed soon with the BOX unit sight windows. Many of the small corroded parts where sand blasted and shipped for a fresh new powder-coat or replaced with stainless steel new ones.