Steering bar problems !

During our visit to the Fernwehtreffen in Weeze, which is held in the beautiful park of Schloss Hertefeld. We suffered from a big mechanical breakdown on the steering of the truck. After being appointed our spot on the grass. We drove up to the location and initiated the reverse parking attempt. But then loud shouts around the truck andI noticed no reaction to my steering attempts.

-the complete ball joint arm from the driver side came loose and fell down

With the help of some friendly campers on site we managed to fix the ball joint to the steering house temporarily again. So at least we where rolling into our spot for the night. And could make plans to make our way back home the next day again in the most safest way possible.

The following week it was into the workshop for investigation and repair plans. We could see severe damage -it was simply missing- to the M14 threading. And mechanical wear between the housing and the arm, which most likely caused the fatal damage over time to the M4 threads holding it in place.

-So what to do now...

In the truck and trailer workshop with all the parts dismantled we concluded that our best option would be to rework the bushing in the housing and flange head of the arm. That way both would have a tight fit to each other again. And secondly the worn friction bush would be reworked and replaced and add a second be added, so a better Force play would act on the structural unit. The worn threads would be bored and tapped to the right specifications for the insertion of helicoils in the original M14 size.

After all parts came back looking absolutely fabulous ! We discovered the the axial bearing was not as 'fresh' as it could be. So on the hunt for a new one with the FAG number found on the bearing.

Es handelt sich bei diesem Lager um ein sogenanntes Zeichnungslager, heißt Steyr hat FAG eine Zeichnung gegeben und FAG hat nach Zeichnung gefertigt somit ist nur Steyr ( MAN) berechtigt diese Lager zu ordern. Die MAN Nummer ist 06.328190015 und kann dieses Lager auch noch liefern.