A new GPS and turn by turn navigation
Garmin Overlander

Garmin Overlander

Already on the market for some time. And some updates further. I had my head set on the GARMIN Overlander as an upgrade to the trucks navigation. Especially the integration of many of the apps we now use on our phone like ASCI, Park4Night and others. The possibility to intergrate additional camera's to the system caught my attention early on.

As I have operated manly TomTom units till date. With currently no possibility to test the unit upon arrival due to the COVID restrictions. I have plenty of time to familiarize myself with the interface and options. After spending some time with the unit in my hands in the comfort of my home. I have been looking at some some hands on reviews and optimisations tips on various YT channels.

One of the first things I did was changing the lay-out of the screens and icons to suit my idea of how to operate the unit. After some initial fighting the Android system, yes I am an 'fruit iOS lover'. I managed to arrange, navigate and suit the system lay-out to my needs. I created the online GARMIN Explore account, and installed the app on my iPad as well. I was thrilled to see some features which I have been missing in the TomTom ecosystem to be part the Explore interface natively; +1.

Overall, so far I like the Garmin Overlander ! There are key features that I really enjoy, and it is a good alternative than discussed typical iPad with apps solutions. The level of detail and timely information compared to the TomTom are a great when driving the truck.

The price point of~€700 was a little too far out there for a dedicated navigator for long. To overcome this I created a price watch alert on a German price-watch site. With time the price went down so significantly (close to -€140), that it send me a price alert and I decided to buy one for myself.

The unit does offer some more options however. It is possible to have other “apps” installed. Garmin allows you to “sideload” .apk files into the device just like on any Android device; +1.
As mentioned, the possibility to connect up with cameras to the unit was one of the main reasons for me to get such system as well.

  • Auto syncs with Garmin Explorer website and app
  • Quickly jump back and forth from Explorer map to turn-by-turn screen
  • iOverlander locations built into the memory and available offline (plus it updates with more locations when synced via wifi)
  • Connects to Garmin inReach devices, making it easy to send messages and SOS
  • Keeps track of stats like altitude and barometric pressure
  • Device can easily be updated via wifi as more things get added, no need to connect to a laptop.
  • Up to 4 Garmin cameras at once can be connected
  • Quick release adapter to use with Ram Mounts with magnetic charger can take a lot of knocks and not come loose
  • micro SD card drive allows for expandable memory